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The University of Alicante Open Data Portal contains information to increase and intensify transparency in this University. Also, it provides citizens with mechanisms to guarantee their right to access information.

The reference legal frameworks are.  Law 19/2013, 9 December; on transparency, access to public information and good governance  and Law 2/2015, 2 April, of the Valencian Government, on transparency, good governance and citizen participation .

What is Active Advertising?

It is the regular and updated publication of public administrations to ensure transparency in their activities. This information is organised according to the categories established by the regulations in force.

The University of Alicante Open Data Portal provides citizens with access to economic, legal, institutional and organisational information envisaged by laws, as well as the relevant additional academic information in this context.

What is the Right of Access to Information?

It is the right of access to public information under the Spanish Constitution, article 105.b). Public information is referred to the contents or documents, in any format, of the corresponding administration, produced or acquired by the said administration activity. 


Transparency Committee

It is the authority body of the University of Alicante responsible for developing the policies established to strengthen transparency, participatition and collaboration, contributing to the concept of «University of Alicante - Open University».

Make your FOI request 

The Freedom of Information (FOI) request form gives you the right to access the University public recorded information.

UA, Open University


The Open Data Portal makes reusable information from the University of Alicante available for you

UA Facts & Figures

Statistical information of the the latest calendar or academic year of the University of Alicante

Journals and conferences

Open access to full-text digital documents generated by the University of Alicante lecturers and researchers

The Future Digital Education

It is the University of Alicante Portal for online courses

UA Official Journal (BOUA)

It is the official journal of the University of Alicante

Electronic office

Electronic access for citizens to information, services and procedures of the University of Alicante

Contractor's profile

Public tenders announced by the University of Alicante

Other resources in  Transparency

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